Discovering raw authenticity & spirituality

A restless soul who is savagely seeking for truth, authenticity, justice, mercy, and a real-life picture of God that can be seen in the flesh and blood canisters we call human beings.  I choose to fight against the apathy that so desires to steal our joy, our authenticity, and the miracle of living in the present.  I am searching for and defending faith that is truly legit!  I am a woman, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an athlete, a teacher, a soon-to-be mother and a minister.  I am unique, passionate, playful, down-to-earth, analytical, sarcastic, proactive, creative, spiritual, open-minded, and ever-growing.  I believe God is bigger than the boxes we try to house Him in…I believe there are mysteries we will always have, and so, learn to embrace life.  Read on and comment back.  May this be a place where all our experiences and questions be shared with authentic reverence and an open mind.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. karen says:

    Krystalynn, thanks for being you and letting you be available to me. Thanks for seeking God and sharing what you find with me. Thanks for being a neighbor to your world and to me. May God strengthen you for your ministry on this Sabbath day.

  2. Kevin McGill says:

    Came across your blog. I am a believer in legit faith, and I love your thoughtful 3 part presentation on “woman’s ordination.” That is the loving, patient, well researched sort of response we need in our church.


    Kevin McGill

  3. Jaynie Smith says:

    I am brought to tears by the serendipitous stumbling upon this place you have created…legitfaith. I was looking for some information about the whereabouts of San Andres village on the Amazon in Peru, where you now are with my beautiful son Sam, and the youth from Rio Lindo Academy. I started reading the blogs on the site, completely connecting with your writings in a most profound way. As I read on…there was the picture of you with that precious little girl, Mierta! You are such a sweet blessing to the students and staff at Rio,and to the world- and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to what it means to be a follower of Christ in this crazy world.
    May the Peace and Joy of Christ be yours always,
    Jaynie Smith

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