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As I touch my belly and feel your beautiful life form growing, I know the world that you as a female will enter into. I am well-acquainted with the fingers that will try to choke out your individuality. I cringe at the misogynistic world that awaits to devour your humanity and unique feminine war-like strength.


Recently I sent a text message to a friend…a text message that was meant to be seen only by my husband.  Awkward, right?  To make it more awkward, this friend is a male colleague of mine.  Thankfully all I texted was “when will you be home?”  My friend texted back “I am home now” which …

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“You are going to hell for this!”  I was astonished by what I was hearing.  Eyes burned with hot anger while looking at me.  All I had said was that I was a pastor, and this was the response.  This happened a few years ago, yet responses like this from some people are not a …

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There are many gifts that the church has been given.  One of these gifts is the gift of prophecy (see Romans 12:6).  Within the Adventist Christian tradition, most Adventists view Ellen White, one of the church’s founding leaders, as having the gift of prophecy.  This means that many Adventists believe that her writings were inspired …

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